Richard E. Weltman, a founding partner in the law firm of Weltman & Moskowitz, LLP, was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Executives' Association of Greater New York (EANYC) for a three-year term. Mr. Weltman has been a member of EANYC since 2004.

In accepting his new board seat, Mr. Weltman expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve such a wonderful organization.

EANYC is an integral part of the International Executives' Association, Inc. ("IEA"). IEA is a networking movement which started on the West Coast of the United States at the turn of the century, expanded to Chicago, and then to New York City in 1931. Mr. Weltman also currently serves as legal counsel to the IEA. There are now over 110 official Executives' Associations in more thn 80 cities worldwide.

The objectives of the Association are to institute and maintain among its members a continuous interchange of business information in a setting that promotes friendship, encourages cooperation, fosters improved efficiency and service, expands business opportunities and aids each member firm to individually grow within its own local, national and foreign markets.

Richard E. Weltman and Michael L. Moskowitz are members of Weltman & Moskowitz, LLP, a business - oriented law firm having offices in New York and New Jersey. The firm handles cases involving bankruptcy and creditor's rights, bankruptcy and business litigation, technology law, real estate, dispute resolution and many types of buy-sell agreements, partner disputes, and transactional matters. They can be reached at 212.684.7800 or 201.794.7500 or by e-mail.