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At Weltman & Moskowitz, LLP, the emphasis is on listening to the needs of the client and providing value in meeting those needs. The firm's size is an asset -- optimizing teamwork, avoiding over-staffing and duplication of effort, and creating a lawyer-client relationship which best serves the client's needs. The firm's dedication to updating technology furthers its cost-containment commitment by enabling ready access to data, optimal communication, and reduction of wasteful overhead.

The firm's attorneys understand that legal services must be measured against the results achieved and their direct impact upon the bottom line. At the same time the firm builds on relationships by providing personal, proactive legal representation. This means taking the time to find out where clients want to be and helping them get there. As a result, the firm employs a sensible cost/benefit approach to each client's particular legal objectives. The firm's attorneys also understand the need to manage the cost of aggressive representation. A legal victory should not cost more than it is worth.

Weltman & Moskowitz, LLP offers clients more than talented, well-prepared attorneys. The firm pays as much attention to the quality of the services provided as to the substantive work produced. Quality service means communicating effectively, responding promptly and continually improving the efficiency and speed of delivery of legal services. The firm's success is the result of the right balance of preparation, legal expertise, experience, and sound judgment. It is precisely that balance, joined by state of the art technology and attention to detail, which deliver distinct advantages to the firm's clients.

Clients of the firm range from multinational corporations to regional banks and federal credit unions, licensed professionals to real estate developers, managers and owners, as well as business entities and their owners, start-up ventures and e-commerce netizens, corporate executives, private individuals and families.


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