"Michael is an experienced attorney who is highly skilled and respected in the legal community. He is a zealous advocate for the rights and interests of clients."
November 23, 2015- Melissa Guseynov Bankruptcy and debt attorney 


"Richard is a smart, experienced, pragmatic, focused and thorough bankruptcy and business law attorney, and a great guy. I recommend him highly."
August 26, 2013- Ian W. MacLean, Litigation Attorney


"Richard Weltman is a practical, sensible and intelligent problem-solver when it comes to disputes, seeking to resolve them where possible, and to fully pursue his client's rights where settlement is not in the client's best interests. He is eminently respected by his peers, and very deservedly so." 
September 13, 2013- Paul Wilson, Business Attorney


“Michael is a fantastic attorney. Through the years, he has assisted many of our clients and everyone has always been more than happy with his work. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
April 6, 2011- Joe Romano, CPA, Partner at Presti and Naegele


“As a busy New York commercial collections attorney, I have worked with many business and bankruptcy litigators over the years. To me, Richard stands out as one of the best. In fact, I’ve introduced Richard to some of my most important clients. Richard is a relentless negotiator and problem solver. I will continue to refer Richard to clients and colleagues, and enjoy working with him and his team.”
April  7, 2011- Jocelyn Nager, President, Collection Attorney, Frank, Frank Goldstein & Nager, P.C.


“I have referred clients to Michael and he has consistently shown himself to be knowledgeable, responsive, and professional.  He takes a common sense approach and focuses on obtaining excellent results and creative solutions in a cost effective manner. Most importantly, he is a delight to work with. I recommend him without reservation.”
November 22, 2010-  Frank J. Desiderio, Esq., Senior Partner, Grunfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz, Silverman and Klestadt, LLP


“Michael is a member of EANYC where I am the Executive Director. I have worked with him on the Board of Directors and as a chairperson of the annual golf outing. Michael is a pleasure to work with. He is completely professional and detail oriented. He is a "take charge" person and always gets the job done. On a personal note, Michael is one of the nicest people and has a genuine love for family which, in my opinion, is someone I would recommend without question as he has both sides of the equation covered!”
November 15, 2010 - Danielle Seltzer, Executive Director, Executives Association of New York EANYC)


“I have the highest regard for Michael. Michael has assisted several of my best clients. His fine work has made my clients very happy and has added value to my client relationship.”
November 14, 2010 - Jocelyn Nager, President, Collection Attorney, Frank, Frank Goldstein & Nager, P.C.


“Michael is an effective advocate. We've served on committees as part of our membership in The Executives' Association of New York for several years. He is both dedicated and effective while enjoying an excellent reputation. I know first-hand that his law firm diligently and strongly represents its clients. I recommend Michael's services as business counsel without hesitation. He represents the highest professional standards and ethics.”
November 14, 2010 -  Larry Thaul, Owner, Co-Founder, Millenium Financial, Inc.


“During the last several years, I have referred a number of clients to Michael because of his expertise as a bankruptcy attorney and as a business lawyer. Not surprisingly, all my clients have been extremely satisfied with his services and some have even called me to thank me for the recommendation. He not only utilizes his many years of experience in bankruptcy and business litigation to achieve great results, but is a great listener, is creative and remarkably sympathetic to his clients’ needs.”
November 12, 2010- Charles Goldsmith, Immigration Attorney and founding partner, Garganigo, Goldsmith & Weiss


“I have both worked with, and referred our clients to, Michael in the five plus years of knowing him. He does excellent work.  Always results driven; his attention to detail is like no other.  And I have heard the same feedback, always with thanks to those peers and client's who I have referred to Michael and his partner, Richard Weltman.”
November 12, 2010- Matthew Nemitoff,  Owner, A Better Image, Inc.


“I just reviewed the papers you filed in the NY matter relating to the motion to dismiss.  I am very impressed by the quality of your work and the thoroughness of it.  I feel very comfortable with your representation of Mr. G.” 
Referring attorney (9/24/10)



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