Thank you so very, very, much for all your hard work throughout this long process. I shall go to one of the sites and give you and the firm high marks. I am not on social media, but I will use one of the other methods. I certainly would recommend you and the firm to anyone who may need your services. My situation was complicated and lengthy, and I could not have achieved the goal we wanted without your experience and expertise. Thank you so very much! Client 8.9.2021

Mr. Moskowitz - Thank you so much for making this a very easy experience. Your staff was a delight to deal with and I'm very glad I was recommended to your firm.”
Bankruptcy Client

"Michael--We both very much appreciate your professionalism and experience and we're so glad that we worked with you and your legal office. This has not been an easy decision to make, but now that we are on our way to becoming debt free, we wanted to both say how much we value your ‎kindness and care." 
Bankruptcy Client 


“Thank you Mr. Weltman! I'm sure you can imagine the relief in having this issue come to its conclusion after 7 months. Thank you for helping me realize a fresh start.”


“Congratulations on being recognized as Super Lawyers!! You two have always been super lawyers to me…I am extremely happy to see that others have also recognized this.”
Banking client 

“Richard--Your persistence and tenacity is what sets you apart from many others in your field. You're always top of mind when I'm working with my clients.”

“Congrats to you both on becoming super lawyer status. I can't think of anyone who deserved it more.”
Former client 

“Jennifer and Richard--I absolutely wish to begin my week with a major thank you to you both for so promptly, rigorously and thoroughly responding to the recent communication on this case after a long hiatus. Given pressures on firm owing to current industry changes in the face of healthcare reform, our firm appreciates your strongly worded and fully documented demurrer. Hopefully this will put a halt to any further activity and efforts on collection effort.”

“Michael--thank you so much for you, Richard, Michele and Melissa for all your legal acumen to enable an extremely difficult and complex case. Since day one when we first met, I said this case would be a challenge. Yet your team, together with my wife's and my principals, prevailed. Good overcame bad. Thank you again!””

"Michael--Just a heartlfelt note to thank you. You made an unbearable situation palatable. Your expert guidance, sage advice, and nice, easy manner--plus your focused persona--made this not the horror show that it could have turned into. I cannot thank you enough."

"I hired Richard as my attorney when I was sued by an unscrupulous former business partner. Richard was incredibly helpful and did remarkable work on my behalf. Richard is the essence of class and, while I hope to never need his services again, would hire him in an instant should the need arise."

"Richard and Michael are not only top quality lawyers, they are top quality people as well. They went to bat for me, helped me resolve some major businesses issues and always went about things in the most ethical way. They were very supportive of me during that period. I'd gladly recommend them to anyone!"
Mike F. 

"Mr. Moskowitz--I would like to thank you and your staff for all the assistance provided. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the expertise you have provided and in getting us through this petition."
John and Ann 

“We want to thank you for your hard work to get this through and thanks for all the help and advice you gave me. I was lucky to find you in this matter. We look forward to starting anew.”  
Pat M. 


“I want to wish you and your families a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. I will never forget how well you treated us.”
Tom D. 


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  
Barbara L. 


“In 1999 you served me very well when applying for a bankruptcy in NYC.  I had never understood bankruptcy nor had my psychiatrist or divorce attorney ever suggested I explore bankruptcy. I'm not sure how I found you, or your firm, but I remember suddenly seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It was not a humiliating or fraught experience; rather it gave me a chance to reconstruct my life in an affordable and pragmatic way. Thank you most kindly. Your work has served me immeasurably well in the intervening years. I hope you and your family and colleagues are well and prospering and that you continue to aid women such as myself.”  
Elizabeth F. 


"Michael--I appreciate your prompt response to our need. I am very grateful for having you involved to help us out of our almost despair. You made the unthinkable a learning experience and you did prove to me that everyone deserves a second chance."

"Thanks, and thanks for all your help with our bankruptcy - you both made it less stressful and less burdensome than I was afraid it would all be."

“Just so you know--I was thrilled at your mail that the judge ruled in our favor--if you--better yet, Michele were here, I would have smothered you with kisses. My thanks for a great job.”  
Rob G. 


“Thank you for the outstanding job, you have lifted a big load off my shoulders: I could not ask for a better lawyer to represent my case, thank you again.”
Ethan A.  


“Richard's command of and experience with his subject area got tangible results in an important matter. His abilities with people helped achieve a multi-party outcome seemingly unobtainable at the outset. I most highly recommend his and his firm's services which come with the highest integrity and long term commitment.”
Larry T. 


“Richard is both kind and sincere while keeping his client's best interests in mind.”  
Roy B. 


“Our personal bankruptcy case turned out to be very complex, and we were threatened with loss of our home from both the trustee and the mortgage bank. Our situation was precarious, and the outlook quite grim. Richard Weltman and his team tackled the case very aggressively from every angle, bringing to bear a depth of knowledge and experience, and strong negotiating skills. Richard and his team kept us fully updated, and were quickly and fully responsive to our questions and concerns. He is also thoroughly a "Mentsch" - a solid, upright, straightforward, and sensitive attorney. In the end, Richard's strategy and approach were successful, and we had a fully satisfactory outcome. Richard is Highly Recommended. Thank you!”   
Ben J. 


“Richard and Michele were both very helpful during difficult times and worked with us with care and understanding. We truly felt that we were "all in this together" and the relationship went beyond lawyer client to friendship and mutual concern and respect.”
Mat C. 


“I have known Richard personally for over 5 years and recently have had the occasion to use his professional services as well. He is very easy to deal with in both capacities. He facilitated a difficult, adversarial situation in a smooth and affable manner. If I needed legal services again in a comparable capacity, he certainly is the first direction in which I would turn.”
David C. 


“Mr. Weltman came to me on high recommendation from others in our established executive group on a business matter involving a sensitive estate situation. The combination of his ability to listen and identify the underlying business issue at hand then synthesize the most effective action plan was most impressive. Two more items are equally significant: 1. His tenacious and zealous representation and follow through during the entire project; and 2. His fair billing practices. I would highly recommend his work to anyone in need of a business intervention in any of the several spaces of his expertise. Mr. Weltman has my highest recommendation.”
Business Client 


“I just wanted to say I appreciate you taking the time out to talk to me.”
Katrina E. 


“Richard is an excellent business and bankruptcy litigator. He and his partner are extremely experienced, reliable and thorough. I recommend them without hesitation.”


“Richard has been exemplary in his personal concern for our particular issues and aggressive in his representation. He not only takes our problems personally with a sense of righteous indignation, but he is utterly successful in resolving legal matters while retaining a keen interest in our business and taking the time to understand us.”
Adam M. 


“I hold Richard Weltman in the highest regard, both professionally and personally. Richard brings missionary zeal, and a flawless work ethic to the process .I TRUST Richard and his company with my life, my fortune and my reputation. I have never encountered anyone in the legal profession who is endowed with the same degree of passion, compassion and talent. He is a gem in every sense of the word.”
Sheldon L. 


“Richard is very knowledgeable on many aspects of the law. He has given me numerous insights on many business dealings!”


“Richard, we had a conversation on the phone at the end of last week concerning my interest in seeking a business venture in the greeting card industry. I was concerned with what contracts to use in this business. You gave me what I think was great advice and answers to my questions and I wanted to say how much I appreciated your time and the information. You were very kind and informative and I just wanted to say thank you and I hope we can meet in the near future for at least the 30 minute consultation so I can get more of an idea of what law firm I would like to go with in the near future. I will be calling to set up an appointment and hope I can meet with you soon.”  
Ken B. 


“Thanks Michael for making this process go smoothly and for putting me at ease. I knew that upon meeting with you that you are extremely proficient and well spoken and I love that you have more family photos in your office than I have ever seen.”
Consumer Client 


“Many thanks to you and Michael. I feel very fortunate to have met you both. Your professionalism and expertise have provided me with a great start to 2006 and beyond. What's more, throughout the process, you have been tremendously decent human beings, for which I will remain grateful.”
Wyatt M. 


“You are a true angel and a real professional.  How lucky I am to have found you. Thank you Mr. Moskowitz. I hope you and your family will be forever blessed with health, happiness and prosperity. You are good man.”
Ayse G. 


“It is with great relief and appreciation that compels me to write this letter. My heartfelt thanks to you and your great staff during a difficult period in my life. Thank you for the wonderful result in this case and your responsiveness to my many concerns. Your professionalism, knowledge, experience, and understanding of the situation, demonstrated throughout, was key to the timely and successful outcome. Also, your handling of the matter simplified the process and paperwork. Even after the initial consultation, you answered all my questions or uncertainties I may have had in a prompt and professional manner. Furthermore, the service provided by your staff kept me abreast of the situation.  Again, thank you for the service and courtesy you and your staff have shown me and for the new beginning your firm has provided me. I value the relationship with your firm and would not hesitate to contact you in the future or provide a recommendation of your services.”  
Wai C.


“I can’t thank either of you enough for your efficient, gentlemanly and successful handling of my chapter 7 bankruptcy case. What a weight off. Without juggling all the debt I am easily and happily living within my income. Many thanks again. All my best to you both, your families and your lovely law firm.”  
Dolores W.  


“I should have written this note sooner, but I wanted to thank you for the manner in which you handled my case. You knew exactly what needed to be done as far as the law is concerned and you were sensitive to the fact that I was nervous and somewhat uncomfortable.  Thanks so much.”
Elaine R. 


“Thank you for meeting with me last week and explaining so patiently about the bankruptcy process.”
Pam G. 


“Thank you for your kindness and special thoughtfulness. It is much appreciated.”
Nettie M. 


"Our Credit Union uses Michael to handle our Bankruptcy and Foreclosure issues. Michael is extremely knowledgeable in both areas. He has always been very responsive and his work is always detailed. I give Michael my highest recommendation."


"My company has retained Michael and his firm to assist us with foreclosures, bankruptcy matters, collection actions and other litigation. In every instance he and his firm have been professional, responsive and cost-efficient in their representation of the company. I highly recommend Michael and his firm for representation in New York and New Jersey."


"Knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. competitive fees. I would not hesitate to use him again."


"Richard is a great lawyer and a great person on top of it. I was going through the worst time of my life after the recession began in 2008. Despite my best efforts the company failed and I had no choice but to go through bankruptcy.

Richard and his partner Michael were very understanding and supportive during the whole process.

It was a complex case with many twists and turns. Richard used his great understanding of the law and the system to make it all turn out in my favor. Richard is rational and a clear thinker. It took some time to go through the process, but I was so relieved after it all worked out. I don't know how I could have ever gotten my life back on track without their help

I'd recommend these guys in a heartbeat."



"My experience with Richard Weltman is exceptional. My residential property management company hired Richard to take charge of a bankruptcy appeal. He handled the appeal expertly-- keeping us fully informed along the way-- and ended up delivering a successful result. He has plenty of intellectual horsepower and always makes his clients feel respected and well treated. He is a relentless negotiator with superior courtroom skills. He is always responsive and I get that big firm service at small firm prices. I recommend Richard with no reservations."


"My expression of appreciation and gratitude is inadequate for the invaluable pro bono service and guidance granted me, through a very complex process.  High praises to the entire team, the skillful and reassuring M. Jaspan, Esq and the proficient and very patient paralegal staff."

Pro Bono Client, 2016


Michele and Michael-- I have now used your services twice.  In each instance I was ushered through the process with great care and professionalism -- which stands regardless of outcome.  I want to thank you both, and let you know I am happy to serve as a reference if ever required. Be well.

Warm Regards,

Adam B.- Client, 2018


"Dear Richard,

Thank you so very much for all your help as I dealt with bankruptcy. I knew when I met you that you would be thorough and supportive and you have been.

As shared with you this was a very difficult decision for me and you made it easier. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank your staff for me as well, they were always there to be of assistance."

M. Conroy- Client, November 2019



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