By: Michael L. Moskowitz

Supreme Court Rules That Inherited IRAs Are Not Protected In Bankruptcy By Michael L. MoskowitzLess than three months ago, we reported on a case in which the Supreme Court heard oral argument concerning whether or not inherited IRA accounts constitute retirement funds. See previous article (Supreme Court to Decide Dispute Regarding Inherited IRAs in Bankruptcy) here. On June 12, 2014, in a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court, in Clark v. Rameker, 13-299, ruled that inherited IRAs are not retirement funds within the meaning of the Bankruptcy Code. This decision resolves a split among the Circuit courts about the status of IRAs that parents leave to their children. Unlike a typical IRA, money in an account inherited from a parent can be withdrawn at any time. Justice Sotomayor, writing for the court, said that this crucial change in the status of the account makes it less like retirement savings and more like a pot of money available to pay off creditors. Otherwise, Sotomayor said, nothing would prevent someone who declares bankruptcy from using the entire balance of an inherited IRA "on a vacation home or a sports car immediately after her bankruptcy proceedings are complete."

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