NEW YORK, NY - As anticipated, Senator Charles Grassley(R-Iowa) introduced comprehensive bankruptcy reform legislation, revised for the 2005 legislative session, last week with several co-sponsors including a democratic senator. The bill's language is substantially similar to last year's HR975, but fails to include Senator Charles Schumer's (D-New York) controversial language regarding dischargeability of debts in connection with debts arising as a result of judgments for damages incurred in connection with abortion clinics, their patients, and doctors.

While it is likely that the bankruptcy reform legislation will see greater support this year due to the greater majority of Republicans in both the House and the Senate, and due to its overwhelming popularity with lenders and Credit Unions, its passage, in its current form, remains questionable.

Any party expecting to come into contact with bankruptcy issues in 2005 should continue to carefully watch legislative developments in this area. Comprehensive federal bankruptcy reform, promised for at least the past five Congressional sessions, should very much remain on the legislative radar screen throughout 2005.

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