By Michael L. Moskowitz and Michele Jaspan

Foreclosure Alert: Failure to Establish Proper Mailing Practices Can Lead to Foreclosure Case Dismissal by Michael L. MoskowitzWe previously reported on the importance of strict compliance with the mailing of the 90-day pre-foreclosure notice pursuant to RPAPL §1304 (“Notice”). Such strict compliance has become fodder for defendants’ lawyers as failure to give such notice to all persons signing either the note or mortgage, as a borrower, is a fatal defect. Lender’s failure to comply with this important condition precedent will result in case dismissal.

Presumption of a borrower’s receipt of the notice is established by plaintiff when it attests to a standard office mailing practice in order to prove the mailing of the notice. In the matter of The Bank of N.Y. Mellon v. Wilson, pending in Supreme Court, Queens County, plaintiff filed its motion for summary judgment and appointment of a referee to compute. Plaintiff’s affiant merely attested to “knowledge” of the business practices and that the business records reflected the 90-day notice was mailed. Affiant failed to attest to “familiarity” with plaintiff’s mailing procedures. Thus, absent an affidavit from a person with knowledge of the mailing or the firm’s mailing practices, the court was compelled to grant defendants’ cross-motion to dismiss the complaint since borrowers alleged they did not receive the notices.  

The takeaway is lenders must maintain meticulous records, prepared contemporaneously with the mailing of the RPAPL §1304 Notice, in order to maintain their foreclosure actions. Otherwise, cases will be subject to dismissal in situations where defendants appear and contest service under RPAPL §1304, possibly even in uncontested cases.

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